Patient Information


How old is the doctor?

Dr. Victoria is in her fifties.

When did the doctor graduate dental school?

Dr. Victoria graduated dental school in 1999 with honors followed by receiving her Bachelor of Biology degree in 1994 from UCLA.

Where did the doctor graduate dental school?

Dr. Victoria graduated the University of Detroit Mercy, School of Dentistry in Michigan, USA.

How many years of experience doctor have?

Dr. Victoria has over 20 years direct experience as a general and cosmetic dentist.

How long I'll wait for appointment?

Usually, patient is waiting for 1 - 2 weeks, excluding emergency cases.

Does your office doing Invisalign®?

Yes, doctor is Invisalign certified.

Is your office dental insurances Orthodontics Specialty Provider?

Yes, currently we are Orthodontics Specialty Provider for all PPO dental insurance holders.

Does your office offer orthodontic treatment payment plans?

Yes, patients can pay through monthly installments with no interest.

Can your office assist me in purchasing dental insurance?

Yes, our office has direct contact with experienced health insurance agent who is happy to help you to choose and purchase dental insurance which meets your needs.

What dental insurances are accepted?

Our office accepts all dental PPO and some dental HMO insurances ( as well as Medical and Medicare.

What kind of anesthesia doctor is using?

As a general rule doctor is using local anesthesia, however general anesthesia can be used by patient request and appropriate patient medical condition.

Does doctor do tooth extraction, implants, whitening?

Yes, Dr. Victoria is doing all these dental procedures and treatments and much more. We also offer Laser Tooth Bleaching Gift Certificate.

Does doctor do Same Day Implants?

Yes, Dr. Victoria is doing Same Day Implants or Immediate Load Implants, too.

What shall I do if I have an appointment but cannot make it?

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please let us know at least 24-hours in advance so that we may schedule another patient and reschedule your appointment.

What languages do office staff speak?

English, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic.

Does the office offer any discount if I refer new patient?

Yes, our office has Referral Discount Program - providing significant discount for our patients and their referrals.