Invisalign System

Invisalign system is a virtually invisible way to straighten patient teeth without bands, brackets, or wires.
Invisalign      Invisalign system is using a series of clear, comfortable to wear, removable aligners. Changing these aligners about every two weeks will move patient teeth little-by-little to their desired position. Invisalign does not require patient to change his or her lifestyle — patient only needs to visit orthodontist every month or two to check progression and get new aligners. Because aligners are removable, patient can continue to eat favorite foods while brushing and flossing normally to keep teeth and gums healthy.
Invisalign system uses 3-D computer imaging technology to map the complete treatment from start to finish. From photos and impressions doctor takes of patient teeth extremely accurate 3-D model is produced. This digital model is then manipulated using special software to create a virtual treatment plan, detailing how patient teeth will be moved by the Invisalign aligners. After doctor makes sure this plan matches what patient wants, a series of aligners specific to patient individual treatment are custom made using stereo-lithography technology. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks and gradually moves your teeth, before being replaced by the next in the series until the final desired position is achieved.      Invisalign
Following table summarizes major Invisalign advantages over traditional braces:
  Invisalign     Traditional braces  
  Invisible   Yes No
  Removable   Yes No
  No metal or brackets to irritate the mouth   Yes No
  Able to brush and floss normally during treatment   Yes No

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